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Bianca. 21 Years. Lipsticklesbian. Taken ♥. Braunschweig, Germany. _#
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Baby, ich Liebe dich über alles! Nur Du und ich! Du machst mich zur glücklichsten Frau dieser Welt! Nur dir gehört mein Herz, meine Gedanken, mein Leben! 26042013

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  • *accidentally hurts pet*
  • me: there is a special place in hell for people like me take me now satan i accept my fate
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  • Supernatural
  • Doctor Who (new Who or classic)
  • Sherlock (pref not Johnlock)
  • Marvel
  • crowley
  • Destiel
  • Ten x Rose, Nine x Rose
  • Anything Stephen King related
  • Cute dogs
  • Crowley
  • Moriarty

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when u run out of things to say in an essay 


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